diy-smallI just read an article that said there are over 1 billion websites in the world. Big number, right? So, how will your website, your business be found on line? What would make you rise up in a search if someone was looking for your type of business?  The number one answer is “searchability.” Can the search engines find your site? Has your site been created and built to be found in a search?

Do-it-yourself websites are all the rage these days. Lots of options out there for folks. I see them every day, and guess what? They’re FREE! (me, I love free and bargains – yard sales, TJ Maxx, hand-me-downs from friends, you name it.) But, there are times when FREE or a bargain basement deal is NOT the way to go. This morning I was shopping with a friend who was looking for some new hiking boots. She’s going to be doing some back-packing and hiking with her daughter and needs boots.  She found a pair she loved the looks of and the sale price was enticing. She tried them on. A little pinching in one spot but not a big deal right? Heck yes! A very big deal if you find yourself out on the trail for several days with blisters. In other words, it’s important to have the right boots for the task just like it’s important to have a website built for the task it’s meant to do.

If you’re building a site or possibly a blog primarily for information just for family and friends you can simply email them all your domain name and they will go to your site. If you are a business and need potential customers looking for your services to find you, how will they find you? Ahh..that’s where good searchability comes into play. And this is where most of the FREE do-it-yourself websites fall short of the mark. “We will build it and they will come” does not necessarily apply here.

Without search engine visibility you won’t be found. Kind of like starting a new business and not telling anyone about it.

When WebSavvy Studio builds your website, searchability is built right into the foundation of the site. We focus on structuring the site so that your information is easily found by the search engines as well as your users. That’s why we like to take the personal approach and chat with you and get to know you and your business. If you were doing the site yourself, you would miss out on our perspective of your business. As online consumers ourselves, we know what people want to see and by working with you, we are able to create a site that gives users what they need to know in a format that makes you look good!