Recently we were discussing many of the things we like about our work designing and developing websites. The list includes things like setting our own work hours, every day can be casual Friday – sweats, pajamas, barefoot, you name it — no commuting, no long endless meetings to sit through, no cubicles, the coffee is always good, want to take a break? you just do it! Sure, there are times when we are working late into the evening or on weekends, but it is worth the trade-off.

But at the top of the list of great things about our website work is the wonderful diversity of people and businesses we have the opportunity to work with. We mostly work with small businesses and almost all are local to the Upper Valley area of NH and VT. We get to meet new people, work closely with them, and learn about their businesses. It is important for us to understand their specific business, who their customers might be, and what their customers are looking for in order to create a custom website that showcases their business. We especially like to visit the actual business and get a feel for what it is all about and what makes it special.

Doing this helps us meet the 3 goals we are committed to with each website we create. These goals are:

  • to design and develop a website that beautifully reflects a specific client’s business
  • to code the website so it can be found easily in a search
  • to present the information a customer or prospective customer would be seeking in a clear, consistent format

Each website that we design and develop has its own personality because each of these businesses and business owners has its own personality. Two of our recent website projects, Stanford Bed and Breakfast and Complete Canine, are good examples of this.

Stanford Bed and Breakfast

Stanford Bed and Breakfast in Enfield, NH is a cozy log home B&B on Crystal Lake. The owners, Sue and Ray Stanford opened the B&B in their home several years ago. Their online presence was limited to searches that brought them up in a B&B website listing. Recently they decided they would like to expand their exposure in order to increase their business. They decided that having their own website would allow them to best showcase their B&B to potential visitors to the Vermont and New Hampshire Upper Valley area. Already they had found that their guests were coming from all over the country and even the world. Located conveniently near  Dartmouth College, Kimball Union Academy, and Cardigan Mountain School, it’s a perfect spot for parent and school visits.

Not only does the new website provide potential guests with a view of Stanford Bed & Breakfast, it also offers an online availability and booking process. This is a fabulous small, local business who now have the benefit of a global reach with their new website.


Complete Canine

Complete Canine is another recent website project for us. This is a site that existed previously as a template website. The owner of Complete Canine bought a package, and soon learned that a do-it-yourself site was not only time-consuming and confusing, but it was expensive because the monthly payments never ended. Plus, it was not doing much for her business. Having worked with us at WebSavvy Studio before, she knew we could do a much better job of presenting her business on the web since web design is what we do, and she could focus on running her business instead. Debbie’s other business Matahauri Basenjis had a a significant increase in business after her website went live last year.

This new site we designed is a real showcase of all Complete Canine has to offer as a dog boarding, daycare, training and grooming facility. There are plenty of generic websites on the Internet for this type of business but Debbie (the owner) wants folks to understand HER business philosophy and what Complete Canine specifically offers. It’s a wonderful example of what can be done with a completely custom designed website.

She has already had a lot of traffic on this new site and we expect she will see more business now that so much more information is easily available including dog training class schedules and boarding and daycare rates.

Website Design by WebSavvy Studio for Dog Boarding, Training, Daycare Upper Valley NH VT

Please contact us at WebSavvy Studio if you would like to talk about a new or improved website for your business. Our initial consultation is free and we would love to meet you and hear about your business!