Right from the get-go, you should know that Mollie Bachner Dressage is a website we designed and developed for my daughter. It was a wonderful process to collaborate with her and incorporate her ideas into this new site so that it would represent her in her new business. Mollie believes that next to word-of-mouth communication, this is the best way to share information with prospective clients.


And, what holds true for Mollie Bachner Dressage holds true for every small business website.  Here’s how:

  • Your business information is available all the time. East coast, west coast, night owls, early morning folks – all can check out your website and learn about your business on their own schedule.
  •  You have unlimited space to showcase your business. A website gives you the freedom to be as expansive as you like with information about your business and photos or other visuals to help visitors to your site learn about what you have to offer.
  • Potential clients will search the internet when they are looking for the type of services you provide. You want them to find YOU. A website built with good SEO will greatly assist in this process.
  • A professionally designed website can add credibility to your business.
  • And think of the sharing. Once you have established a website, visitors to your site can easily share your site with others with a simple click and copy of your url.

Currently Mollie is not interested in adding a blog page to her website but at some point this could be an easy addition since this site is built using WordPress. In the meantime, we helped her launch a business Facebook page which allows her an easy and friendly forum for posting updates. Linking a website with a Facebook page is a winning combination for her as she begins this new chapter in her professional life.

As with all our clients, we wish her great success and are happy to be part of the process.

Please contact us at WebSavvy Studio if you are interested in a new or redesigned website for your small business.