Bah Humbug you say! It’s not really that many of us are turning into Scrooge. It’s more that we are rethinking what has “value” in our lives. One more sweater to open and love – for the moment and maybe the first couple of times we wear it, and then squished into the drawer with the other 12 or 20 sweaters. Don’t misunderstand – I’m crazy about new clothes and things.

But I’ve been thinking a lot the last couple years in particular about this mass of things we all keep accumulating. Why? There is no shortage of people in real need in all of our communities. And by real need I mean the basics – food and shelter. Makes me think about the true meaning of giving. That has led me to thinking about people I know who either choose to or are able to provide the real “labor of love” type of giving for people who are not economically blessed or are in very rough places in their lives right now.

Recently WebSavvy Studio had the honor of redoing an old and tired website for just such an organization that is dedicated to providing a safety net to people in Northern California who are truly struggling. Much of the financial support needed for this organization comes from donations and grant money. Our goal with the new website was to “spiff” up the image and message presented on the website to assure that the site provides the information folks are looking for when they are considering various avenues to provide support to this organization. This included a “cleaner” look and a site that is easy to navigate, Also, we added an easier method for online donations.

Wishing all of CommunityActionNorthBay employees, volunteers and clients a joyful holiday season and a year ahead filled with opportunity.

Below are the home pages from the “before” and “after.”