Web design is what we do.

And, we love doing it.

We provide custom, professional website design and development for small businesses and individuals, mostly in the Upper Valley area of NH and VT, but we also work with many clients out of the area. WebSavvy Studio can help you bring your products and services to the right customers with the right message and with the right look. Why take on a do-it-yourself website when you have a business to run? Let WebSavvy Studio create your website for you. You’ll get better results and in the long run, it will pay for itself by improving your image and getting new customers.

We’ll work with you to figure out what you need for your website.

Then we will develop the right website for your business, taking care of the details that often seem overwhelming to folks who don’t have the experience and know-how like we do, and all at a reasonable cost. WebSavvy Studio will handle it all from scanning in your photos, setting up your domain name and hosting, and making sure the content for your website suits your business. Our aim is to get you what you want and have fun while doing it!

We believe in clean, well designed websites which bring happy users, and happy clients! That’s our specialty.

A bit about us…

Hi. We’re Janet and Karen, one in the Upper Valley area of NH/VT and one in the Nashville TN area, friends and business partners, a team of two with more combined years of professional web design, web development, and computer experience than we want to count!

Besides sharing our love for web design and coding,

we both love to bake, and eat, and enjoy the outdoors. We have daughters and animals and long lists of things we intend to do “when we have time.”

We start in the early morning hours

in front of our computers with our coffee. And often, you’ll find us here late at night exploring ideas. We like figuring out new ways to best showcase our clients’ businesses.

Sometimes ideas happen

in front of the computer and sometimes we discover them in the midst of a hike with our dogs or during a long bike ride. Web design is what we do!