10 reasons why you need an up-to-date, professional website.

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1. People look for your services online.

If you are in direct competition with another business that has a website, they have a clear advantage.

2. More sales.

The Small Business Administration confirms that small businesses with websites average higher sales dollars per year than businesses not online.

3. Showcase your business.

Your website is the place where you can display your services and products and share information with your customers.

4. Educate potential customers.

Provide the information customers need on your website. Helping someone understand your product or services better will give them the confidence to hire you for the job.

5. Gain new customers.

By creating a web presence you’ll have a larger customer pool and be found by those people who only look for the product or services you provide via an online search.

6. Build customer confidence.

An online presence not only makes your business visible to people who are searching for your specific product or service, but presents a professional image of you and your business.

7. Answer frequently asked questions.

Your website can include information that answers questions you hear repeatedly, saving you time to better serve customers.

8. Get customer feedback.

Customers can directly email you on your website with their questions or feedback. Responding to your customers simply and quickly will keep them coming back.

9. The Yellow Pages are no longer used by most people.

They use the internet to locate services and information. A business without a web page is becoming virtually invisible in today’s world.

10. You are Open 24/7.

Many people surf the web when businesses are closed. Having a website allows people to learn about your company even when you aren’t open.